Children's clothing sizes

A guide to convert between European and American size systems will soon be up on this site.


Use these conversion
 tables and sizes to find your correct size for your child.


american ssize
2t 11-13 kg 84-89 cm
3t 13-15 kg 91-97 cm
4t 15-17 kg 99-104 cm
4 17-19 kg 107-112 cm
5 19-21 kg 114-119 cm
6 21-24 kg 122-125 cm
6x (flickor) 24-26 kg 127-130 cm
7 (pojkar) 24-26 kg 127-130 cm



Please observe that these size charts are only to be seen as a guide to helping you find your right size. Sizes may differ notably between different clothing manufacturers and brands.